Empowering Civilization Rights and Resilience of Heritage Communities.

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What are Civilization Rights?

Civilization Rights are a set of foundational principles outlined in the Universal Declaration of Civilization Rights, emphasizing the rights inherent to all countries, nations, and communities to protect and claim their civilization heritage's rights from any entity that exploits them for material profit in any form. These rights include material, moral, and intellectual rights, as well as the right to safeguard and promote the heritage and cultural diversity of civilizations worldwide.

The Resilience of Heritage Communities

At CRI, we are committed to promoting the resilience of heritage communities by applying the principles and concepts of Civilizology to increase their capacity to cope with acute and chronic shocks while preserving their cultural and civilization heritage. We aim to connect lessons learned from the past to develop present and future insights and increase resilience, preserve rights, promote equity, encourage dialogue and cooperation, and lessen tension and misunderstanding among different civilizations.



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